ARSSI ALLIANCE was founded in 2015 in Armenia, by a group of major food companies with more than two decades of experience in vodka production.
The idea of using spring water from the Armenian Highlands to make vodka was one of the key motivators for setting up our business in Yerevan. At ARSSI ALLIANCE we believe that by using cutting edge technology in combination with high quality raw materials and water from Armenia's springs, it is possible to create a superior product.
The renovated distillery, equipped with modern machinery, provides our employees with clean and comfortable working conditions, while our organizational culture creates a positive work environment, which results in dedicated performance.
Our vodkas are made in accordance with the best traditional recipes thanks to our staff of highly qualified in-house experts who undertake a wide range of tasks including developing our special formulas to designing our labels and packaging.
We import our raw materials from Western Europe and the Russian Federation to ensure a smooth manufacturing process. In particular, the ALFA and LUX kinds of alcohol, which are imported from the Russian Federation and are made from wheat grown in a clean environment. Our bottles are designed and imported from France.
ARSSI ALLIANCE has launched three brands of vodka to date Godfather, NO PROBLEM and H2O.
Thanks to years of research by our experts, we have developed an innovative multi-stage alcohol and water filtration system that is unique in its kind and radically differs from conventional filtering systems used in the production of vodka around the world.
Our cutting-edge filtration system completely purifies the toxic mixtures of ethyl alcohol by removing its unpleasant taste and odor containing components, and eliminates the possibility of a hangover. In result, the water and alcohol ready for production don't only taste great but are also extraordinarily smooth.
As a result of the new filtration system and the pure, crisp spring water of the Armenian Highlands, our experts have crafted a truly exquisite formula for our range of vodkas that without any hesitation outclass other brands in the world. We can ensure that it is the smoothest vodka you will taste.
In the near future, we plan to expand our business activities worldwide with the intention of launching new, brand name innovative products.